At Online Tutoring In Canada, we take the safety and privacy of your children and our staff very seriously.  We have put in place the following policies to ensure this is enforced, and to ensure you have peace of mind when you or your child are engaged with our instructors.



We will never ask for, nor do we want to know, the name of your child. We encourage our students to use a nickname in the tutoring sessions.  

The method we use to connect with your child (I.E. Skype) MUST be through a parent or guardian's account, on the parent or guardian's electronic device, that the child does NOT have a password to.

Tutors can use their first name, or a nickname with the student at your discretion, however we have full police background checks on the tutors on file, and can provide those to the parent or guardian upon request, and before the free trial.



Online Tutoring In Canada must collect contact information (Name and Email) for the sole purpose of booking, communicating about, and billing for tutoring sessions.  This information is stored in our dashboard and is stored in no other location.

For payment processing, we use a third party called Stripe that processes all payments.  We neither have access to nor store ANY information regarding payments, except whether or not the payment was processed, the amount, and who paid the amount.

You can see Stripe's policy regarding payment data here:



We will provide first names and a small bio for each tutor.  If you are matched up with a tutor for a free trial session, you may request their full name and police background check.

The only contact information that will be given out by the tutor to a parent or guardian in our members area is a Skype username.  This ensures that children, parents, and tutors are all protected.

Sessions will be booked through the website, and all communication between the parents and the tutor can be achieved through logging into the website and sending them a message, or joining our site on the mobile wix app and sending them a message, which can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android.


Please note: Tutoring does not replace your child's existing, official school curriculum; it enhances and supports it.

Your child's safety and privacy is of the highest priority at Online Tutoring in Canada. 
Please view our Online Safety & Privacy Policy

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